Peru: Russian inscriptions found on metal spheres that dropped from sky

14:10 | Puno (Puno region), Feb. 1.

A National Commission for Aerospace Research and Development (CONIDA) delegation confirmed the impact of four metal spheres in southern Puno region after they fell from the sky on Saturday, January 27.

The experts were taken to the crash sites to explore the mysterious objects.

At first, they found and inspected three spheres, as the media had reported. However, locals disclosed they saw a fourth crashing into the ground after it fell engulfed in flames.

CONIDA staff confirmed the objects were empty tanks that posed no risk to health, chemically speaking.

According to the agency, alleged Russian-language inscriptions were found on one of the tanks when explored in more detail.

The objects will be taken to Juliaca City (Puno region) before reaching the space agency's headquarters —their final destination.

Additionally, the Peruvian Institute of Nuclear Energy (IPEN) has sent another delegation to determine potential radiation risks. 

Once at CONIDA, the spheres will undergo further inspections in order to determine their origin.


Published: 2/1/2018
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