Gastronomic fair 'Peru, Mucho Gusto' in Tacna concludes successfully

Photo: ANDINA/Commission for the Promotion of Peru for Exports and Tourism (PromPeru)

Photo: ANDINA/Commission for the Promotion of Peru for Exports and Tourism (PromPeru)

10:09 | Tacna (Tacna region), Sep. 19.

After three days featuring the best culinary offerings from all 25 regions of the country, the twenty-second edition of 'Peru, Mucho Gusto' has come to a successful close.

The renowned event, organized by the Commission for the Promotion of Peru for Export and Tourism (PromPeru), took place at Parque Peru in Tacna. 

Over three days, the event attracted 45,000 attendees from the southern region, with 10% of the audience being foreign visitors, primarily from Chile. They enjoyed culinary offerings from all 25 regions of Peru.

In its mission to promote tourism through gastronomy, 'Peru, Mucho Gusto' Tacna featured 119 exhibitors distributed across different thematic zones, including restaurants, smokehouses (for countryside and grill cuisines), bars, food trucks, desserts, and beverages. 

There were also shows for children and musical performances by national orchestras and artists. It is expected to have an economic impact of S/7 million (about US$1.889 million) on the region.

Puno, the guest of honor, made its debut appearance this time. For the first time, a region was invited to showcase its main attractions to the public. 'Casa Puno' received a warm welcome from visitors, who had the chance to enjoy its cuisine, crafts, product tastings, and activities for both adults and children, such as painting Pucara toritos (Pucara bulls).


As in previous editions, the twenty-second edition of the fair awarded and recognized various culinary exhibitors of 'Peru, Mucho Gusto.' 

Firstly, five awards were given to regional chefs for their tireless work in promoting and spreading Peruvian gastronomy and ingredients.

These awards were presented to Victor Rosado from the "Cuy Crocante" restaurant (Tacna), Miguel Vega from the "8:28 Restaurant" (Tacna), Milagros Chalco from "Burgos Restaurante" (Madre de Dios), Flor Mejia de Zenteno from Agroindustria Poquera (Moquegua), and Ruth Ballon de Cornejo from the picanteria (restaurant specializing in spicy dishes) "La Lucila" (Arequipa). 

Additionally, four exhibitors were awarded for their culinary proposals in the categories of tradition, innovation, development of gastronomic tourism, and the most beloved dish.

The tradition award went to "El Tuyuyo" from Ucayali for its traditional inchicapi de gallina criolla. The innovation award was given to Pelo Grill Foodtruck (Tacna), which delighted attendees with its hamburger inspired by the flavors of Tacna. 

Furthermore, the most popular proposal was the hearty carapulcra with sopa seca from the "El Pallar" restaurant in Ica. 

On the other hand, the "Un Cevichito" restaurant in Tacna received the award for the development of gastronomic tourism due to the efforts of its chef, Tito Trabucco, a driving force and reference in Tacna's cuisine.

General Information

The fair was organized by PromPeru and sponsored by SKY Airlines, Energina, and Oltursa. It received support from the Regional Government and the Municipality of Tacna. 

Special thanks to the Gastronomic Patronage of Tacna, the Private University of Tacna, the General Directorate of Handicrafts of Mincetur, MIDAGRI, MINAM, Sierra y Selva Exportadora, the Regional Government of Puno, and translators Miriam Llanque and Maribet Berrocal.


Published: 9/19/2023