Nearly 2,000 people visit BAP Union in South Korea

Photo: ANDINA/Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Peru

Photo: ANDINA/Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Peru

09:30 | Busan (South Korea), Sep. 13.

The arrival of the Peruvian Navy ship BAP Union at the South Korean Port of Busan aroused great expectations.

Only on the first day, nearly 2,000 people went to this area to visit the Peruvian sailing ship, considered the largest and fastest in Latin America.

The BAP Union delegation —made up of more than 250 commissioned officers, NCOs, and Peruvian Navy cadets— was also received by a group of ladies dressed in the traditional Korean costume, the Hanbok, in white and red colors.

The vessel was visited by families, students, members of military, civil, and religious organizations in the Asian country, as well as by the Peruvian community, who enjoyed the facilities and Peruvian culture showcased at Itinerant Embassy.

Korea is the fourth country visited by the Peruvian ship on its circumnavigation voyage around the world.

Its stay in this Asian country, until September 13, allows for greater rapprochement between Peru and South Korea —countries that celebrate the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations establishment in 2023.

Editor's note: Information provided by the Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Published: 9/13/2023