Peru climbs 29 spots in World Bank's GovTech Maturity Index



13:28 | Lima, Nov. 23.

Within the framework of measuring international progress in government and digital transformation, the World Bank has released the second edition of the GovTech Maturity Index (GTMI), which places Peru in the 14th position, out of 198 economies, an increase of 29 positions compared to 2020.

This puts Peru in second position in Latin America and the Caribbean, behind Brazil and surpassing – for the first time – countries such as Uruguay, Colombia, Mexico, and Chile.

Likewise, the result obtained recognizes the efforts in digital transformation promoted by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers (PCM), through the Government and Digital Transformation Secretariat, in collaboration with public institutions, the private sector, civil society, academia, international cooperation agencies, and citizens.
"In Peru, digital governance has been strengthened from a strategic, governing, and implementing perspective, which has allowed the country to witness a sustained growth in international indicators," PCM's Government and Digital Transformation Secretary Marushka Chocobar stated.

The World Bank index assessed Peru's progress at the three levels of government in areas such as State digital platforms and government's approach to digital transformation by verifying digital services, digital architecture, information, and financial management systems.

In addition, the GTMI reviewed the public-private digital services for citizens, assessing file transfer services, as well as the presentation of tax returns, digital means of payment, among others.
It also measured the areas of citizen digital participation, which assessed the participation of citizens in the digital environment and the presence of means to express their opinions, in addition to facilitating the use of government digital platforms.

Likewise, the index reviewed the promotion of the public-private ecosystem around GovTech, which examined government institutions and laws, as well as digital skills and the launch of innovative programs to promote digital technologies.
According to the results, Peru has made progress in the four GTMI focus areas, in comparison to the 2021 edition, which put Peru in Group A of GovTech Leaders for the second time in a row.

Thus, the country consolidates its position in the group with the highest performance at a global level, surpassing the average for Group A countries.

Published: 11/23/2022
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