Peru: Domestic tourism to grow 25%, foreign visitor arrivals to increase 11% in 2023

Photo: AFP

Photo: AFP

16:30 | Lima, Sep. 18.

Foreign Trade and Tourism Minister Juan Carlos Mathews indicated that Peru's tourism activity will register significant growth this year, both due to the domestic market and the arrival of foreign visitors.

"Despite the entire difficult situation, the news is positive, in the sense that incoming tourism, meaning visitors coming from abroad, will rise up to 11% by the end of this year, and domestic tourism would reach a growth level of close to the 25%," the minister told Radio Nacional.

"We are still below pre-pandemic levels, but it means an interesting boost, which suggests that 2024 could be a good year for Peru," he added.

Minister Mathews highlighted these projections because, in 2023, Peru and the rest of the world are going through a complicated year, economically and socially speaking.

"It has been a challenging year, in the sense that we have faced a complex situation. On the world stage, there is a slowdown in the global economy, and particularly in some very sound economies such as Italy, Germany, and even Chile," Mathews expressed.

"Domestically speaking, let us remember that we started a difficult year due to social protests, dengue fever, Cyclone Yaku, and the migratory crisis in the south," he added.

The Cabinet member said all Peruvians must join the effort to advance the economic development and our country's progress.

"There are engines that we have to boost, (such as) public and private investment, exports, domestic consumption, and tourism," he remarked.


Published: 9/18/2023