Peru exports to Asia totaled US$15.595 billion in Jan-Oct 2017

Exports. Photo: ANDINA/ Archive.

Exports. Photo: ANDINA/ Archive.

17:39 | Lima, Dec. 28.

Peruvian exports to Asia reached US$15.595 billion between January and October this year, a 48.04% increase over the same period in 2016, the country's Exports and Tourism Promotion Board (PromPeru) informed on Thursday.

It must be noted Peruvian sales to Asian markets went from US$10.534 billion (Jan-Oct 2016) to US$15.595 billion (Jan-Oct 2017).

Said target markets included China, South Korea, India, Japan, the United Arab Emirates, the Philippines, Viet Nam, Hong Kong, and Malaysia.

China and South Korea

According to PromPeru, exports to the Asian Giant reached US$9.297 billion in the first 10 months of 2017, a 39.97% increase compared to the same period last year (US$6.642 billion).

Moreover, shipments to South Korea amounted to US$1.660 billion, a 61.74% rise from the similar term in 2016 (US$1.026 billion).

India and Japan

Peru's sales to India registered the highest growth rate by totaling US$1.574 billion between January and October of the current year, a 126.78% increase over the same term in 2016 (US$694.157 million).

Likewise, Inca exports to Japan experienced a 51.78% rise, going from US$989.403 million to US$1.501 billion.

The United Arab Emirates and the Philippines

In the analyzed term, Peruvian shipments to the United Arab Emirates rose 31.61%, increasing from US$406.135 million (2016) to US$534.515 million (2017).

In addition, exports to the Philippines reached US$218.802 million, an 89.05% expansion from the same period the previous year (US$115.738 million).

Viet Nam, Hong Kong, and Malaysia

On the other hand, sales to Viet Nam experienced an 85.28% growth by rising from US$76.071 million to US$140.943 million.

Peruvian exports to Hong Kong totaled US$125.528 million, up by 25.65% from the same period in 2016 (US$99.904 million).

Finally, shipments to Malaysia reached US$110.389 million, a 73.38% increase over the similar period last year.


Published: 12/28/2017
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