Peru: Government, mining association articulate efforts to make new investments viable



14:15 | Lima, Jul. 5.

The Ministry of Energy-Mines (Minem) and the National Society of Mining, Oil, and Energy (SNMPE) have ratified their willingness to agree on efforts and achieve joint tasks between the public and private sectors to unlock investments and promote new development initiatives in the energy mining-sector.

Minister Alessandra Herrera met with directors of the business association, with whom she discussed the panorama of the mining sector, the revitalization and promotion of the hydrocarbon industry in Peru, and the need to unblock transmission line projects that allow expanding electricity coverage.

The Cabinet member explained that her administration aims to strengthen mining-energy activities, adding that the joining of wills and search for consensus between the Peruvian State and private sector will allow sound projects to be developed and Peru to be positioned as an investment destination.

"Our Government seeks to boost private investment and the arrival of development initiatives; that is why we require the support of the private sector, to work in an articulated manner," Herrera expressed.

"We are allies; let us work as a team to consolidate the mining and energy potential that our country has," she added.

Also participating in this meeting was Deputy Hydrocarbons Minister Juan Sanchez. Representing the private sector were SNMPE Chairman Raul Jacob Ruisanchez, Executive-Director Angela Grossheim, as well as the chairs of sectoral committees of this association focused on mining, energy, and hydrocarbons.


Published: 7/5/2022
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