Peru: Nearly 15,000 ha of coca crops eradicated so far in 2023

08:07 | Lima, Sep. 15.

The Ministry of Interior (Mininter), through the Special Project for Control and Reduction of Illegal Crops in Alto Huallaga (Corah), has eradicated 14,811.47 ha of illegal coca crops along operational axes in the regions of Ucayali, Pasco, Huanuco, San Martin, and Loreto so far this year.

The operations have been carried out with the support of the Anti-Drug Directorate (Dirandro) of the Peruvian National Police (PNP) in 7,825 plots along operational axes in Calleria, Constitucion, Santa Lucia, and Putumayo.

According to a report by Corah, the coca-growing space-reduction measures taken so far helped counteract the production of 138 tons of cocaine hydrochloride destined for illicit drug trafficking on a national and international scale.

The same report indicates that, thanks to the operations carried out in the eradication areas, 5,096.64 ha of illegal coca crops have been destroyed in the region of Ucayali, 4,099.19 ha in San Martin, 3,470.71 ha in Huanuco, 1,508.59 ha in Pasco, and 636.34 ha in Loreto.

In the fourth operational axis of Putumayo —an area on the border with Colombia—eradication actions began last August.

In addition, eight rustic laboratories used for the production of cocaine drugs —seven in the region of Huanuco and one in Pasco— were destroyed as part of the eradication efforts. 

It should be pointed out that these operations will continue to be conducted in the last quarter of the year, according to the "Annual Plan for Reduction of Illegal Coca Growing Area: Promoting Environmental and Social Sustainability in Peru 2023." 


Published: 9/15/2023