Peru President: "We want to be remembered as the Regions' Government"

13:40 | Puno (Puno region), Apr. 27.

Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra hopes his administration will be remembered as "the Regions' Government" and said the country's major problems will be addressed by visiting provinces and not from an office.

After monitoring a wastewater treatment plant in southern Puno region, he said that authorities used to merely pay attention to big urban cities, whereas "remote villages were neglected."

"We want to change that and, by the end of my term, on 28 July 2021, we want to be remembered as the Peruvian Regions' Government," he expressed.

The Head of State affirmed that Peru's problems are extensive and complex. However —he added— the Executive faces them decisively, traveling to regions to meet with locals and their authorities.

Mr. Vizcarra and his State ministers will meet with 13 provincial mayors in Puno by the end of the day. The gathering is intended to make tangible commitments to major works across the region.

"We will meet with ministers and provincial mayors in Puno by the end of today. If we work hard and transparently, as a team, your demands will be met," he stated.


Published: 4/27/2018
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