Peru: Spanish justice orders search and arrest of ex-judge Cesar Hinostroza

Photo: ANDINA/Jhony Laurente

Photo: ANDINA/Jhony Laurente

09:56 | Lima, Jul. 4.

Peruvian Public Prosecutor's Office Specializing in Corruption Offenses Committed by Officials reported that the Spanish justice has ordered the search, arrest, and imprisonment of former Peruvian judge Cesar Hinostroza.

This was decreed through a resolution, for the purpose of Hinostroza's extradition by Interpol to judicial authorities in Peru.

Moreover, the Prosecutor's Office reiterated that it will continue to perform its duties in the defense of the Peruvian State's rights and interests, remaining on alert as required by this case.

The document, dated June 28, states that Interpol was provided with a copy of this resolution.

Likewise, it orders to notify the Public Prosecutor, the defendant, and his legal representative, for the appropriate purposes.

In addition, the document states that this resolution is not final and can be appealed within three days of notification.


Published: 7/4/2022
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