Peru's EsSalud: COVID-19 deaths increased in past six weeks, especially among older adults

Photo: EsSalud

Photo: EsSalud

18:00 | Lima, Aug. 5.

Deaths due to COVID-19 have been worryingly increasing for six consecutive weeks, going from 64 in June to 289 during the last week of July 2022, which represented a rise above 450%, the Social Health Insurance System (EsSalud) reported on Friday.

"Most of the people who passed away last week were older adults who had not gotten vaccinated or completed the vaccination scheme," said EsSalud Executive-President Dr. Gino Davila.

So far this year, nearly 10,845 people have lost their lives from complications caused by the new coronavirus —mostly men.

The highest number of victims was recorded last February —a month that saw 3,807 deaths amid the third wave.

Deaths from SARS-CoV-2 have so far totaled 214,407, read a release from EsSalud.


Regarding hospitalizations at EsSalud facilities, the official indicated that the occupation of beds went from 764 in June to 1,383 in the last week of July, which represented an increase above 75%.

More patients in ICUs

Dr. Davila mentioned that currently 231 people are fighting for their lives on ICU beds —an increase of more than 70% compared to June, when 140 critical patients with mechanical ventilation were registered.

It should be noted that in Epidemiological Week 30, 64,327 new cases were registered nationwide, which represented a decrease of 23% compared to the amount reported the previous week (83,874).

"It is likely that the population, despite having symptoms, did not attend detection centers to get COVID-19 tested, perhaps because they prioritized some activity that had been scheduled for the National Holidays," the official remarked.

Lastly, the EsSalud head urged the population to attend vaccination centers to receive immunization against the novel coronavirus and not neglect biosafety measures, as Peru currently faces the fourth wave and the increase in cases due to Omicron subvariants.


Published: 8/5/2022