Peru: Copa Libertadores and the millions to be collected


13:20 | Lima, Nov. 19.

The Copa Libertadores' final match between River Plate (Argentina) and Flamengo (Brazil) to be played at Lima's Ate Monumental Stadium on November 23 will not only grant the long-awaited trophy to the champion; the winning team will also end up with US$12 million in the pocket.

Thus, the winner of the single final will take twice as much money as last year's champion.

For having reached this stage, River Plate and Flamengo have already secured US$6 million, but the winner will take an additional US$6 million, totaling US$12 million.

25% of the net collection must be added to that sum. The Lima-based Ate Monumental stadium —with a capacity for 80,000 people— is expected to be fully crowded this Saturday.

Throughout the current tournament, the champion will end up cashing in a total of US$19 million. The runner-up will receive US$13 million.

Such amounts are usually invested in improving infrastructure, signing better players, and taking care of the teams.

The Copa Libertadores distributes a total of US$161.9 million since its first stage.

As is known, the game was initially supposed to take place in Santiago (Chile). However, the location was changed due to the social unrest currently underway in the neighboring country.


Published: 11/19/2019
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