Peru: Economy Ministry transfers over US$15 million for reconstruction

16:38 | Lima, Nov. 19.

The Economy and Finance Ministry (MEF) on Tuesday authorized a transfer of S/51.722 million (about US$15.33 million) to the Regional Governments of Lambayeque and Lima and 52 municipalities, with the purpose of financing 93 interventions included in the Comprehensive Plan for the Reconstruction with Changes Program.

As is known, northern Peru was hit by Coastal El Niño phenomenon in 2017. Said weather event was characterized by heavy rains, landslides, and floods, which destroyed infrastructure and crops, leaving many citizens homeless.

Via Supreme Decree No. 339-2019-EF —published El Peruano official gazette— this transfer was approved and charged to the State-run Fund to Intervene at the Time of Natural Disasters (FONDES).

The rule indicates that the details of the transferred resources are found in Annexes No. 1 "Transfer of items in favor of regional governments" and No. 2: "Transfer of items in favor of various local governments," which were published on the Economy and Finance Ministry's official website.

The holder of the authorization and authorization documents in the transfer of items approve the disaggregation of the authorized resources, within five calendar days from the entry into force of this legal provision.

The resources from the transfer of items cannot be destined, under responsibility, for different purposes than those for which they are transferred.

The authorized documents must prepare and provide the necessary information, in accordance with the procedure determined by the General Directorate of the Public Treasury, for the authorization of the corresponding financial allocation.


Published: 11/19/2019
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