Peru Gov't promotes 16 projects to get an additional 276,000 ha of agricultural land

19:43 | Lima, Dec. 4.

Agriculture and Irrigation Minister Jorge Montenegro on Wednesday underscored that the Government of Peru promotes the implementation of 16 flagship projects in 13 regions with the aim of storing nearly 4 billion cubic meters of water.

These ventures are intended to help increase the area of land available for agriculture by 276,000 ha, thus benefiting over 1.8 million producers.

The aforementioned projects are Cazaderos (in Tumbes region), San Lorenzo-Vilcazan (Piura), Las Delicias (Lambayeque), Olmos Valle Viejo (Lambayeque), Chavimochic (La Libertad), and Chinecas (Ancash).

Other undertakings include Tambo (Ica), Rio Grande Palma (Ica), Chonta (Cajamarca), Cunas (Junin), Ancascocha (Ayacucho), Majes Siguas II (Arequipa), Humalso-Carumas (Moquegua), and Villavilani II (Tacna).

In addition, the cabinet member noted that 36 irrigation projects will be promoted in 15 prioritized regions through Fondo Sierra Azul (Blue Highlands Fund), to which the Executive Branch has committed S/200 million (around US$58.9 million).

This way, pipeline infrastructure will be increased by 271 km in order to irrigate 11,835 ha and benefit some 40,000 producers.


Published: 12/4/2019
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