'Peru, Mucho Gusto' fest opens in Tumbes, showcases best of Peruvian cuisine

18:42 | Tumbes (Tumbes region), Nov. 1.

Peru, Mucho Gusto in Tumbes —a food festival held by Peru's Foreign Trade and Tourism Ministry (Mincetur) and the Exports and Tourism Promotion Board (PromPeru)— expects over 28,000 attendees and a turnover of S/4 million (about US$1.19 million).

The culinary event opened on Friday at Mariscal Caceres Stadium and will run until Sunday, November 3. 

Peru, Mucho Gusto brings together the best food from the 25 regions of Peru with more than 50 exhibitors distributed in different areas, including a new one for superfoods.

"We are committed to recovering the country's rich cuisine while making it sustainable, with dishes and recipes that have endured over time and that represent our regions. This year, we'll encourage the promotion of our exportable offer, with coffee and cacao standing out," PromPeru CEO Luis Torres Paz said.

Supported by the Regional Government of Tumbes, the fair features renowned chef Israel Laura, who has more than 20 years of experience in command of various kitchens in Peru and overseas.

During the three days of the event, attendees will be able to enjoy musical concerts and artistic shows.

Additionally, the public will experience the variety and flavor of Peruvian inputs gathered under the brand Superfoods Peru: foods of high nutritional value that are gaining prominence in international markets. Cacao, native ajies, and fruits stand out among them.

This year sees the launch of the Peruvian Coffee area, a sector featuring different types of Peruvian coffee beans and the regions where they are cultivated.


Published: 11/1/2019
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