Peru's FA Min: Majority wants joint work, not a presidential impeachment


Peru's Foreign Affairs Minister Mario Lopez. Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

12:00 | Lima, Sep. 18.

Foreign Affairs Minister Mario Lopez on Friday affirmed that the majority in the country wants authorities to work together for development and not a presidential impeachment.

As he said in remarks to TV Peru, the majority expects —in the first place— the investigations to be carried out and to continue. Besides, most people hope the impeachment motion will not succeed.

Likewise, Peruvians expect the Government will place emphasis on the health-economic crisis and will continue with the electoral process scheduled to culminate in general elections in April 2021.

He also stated that Peruvians are waiting for the Constitutional Court (TC) to demarcate the concept of presidential impeachment on the grounds of permanent moral incapacity.

"In addition, they want joint work between the Executive and Legislative Branches, a harmonious work to develop the country's objectives," Lopez expressed.

"Let us move forward towards those goals," he remarked.


Published: 9/18/2020
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