Peruvian badminton team grabs four medals in Spain

Photo: Twitter IPD

Photo: Twitter IPD

17:07 | Vegadeo (Spain), Jan. 6.

Peru's U-19 badminton team won three gold medals and one bronze at the Asturias TTR Vegadeo 2* tournament held in Spain on January 4.

The awards were won by the Inca athletes in singles and doubles categories. 

Alejandro Chueca reached the top of the podium in the male category after having defeated his Spanish counterparts, thus grabbing the first gold medal.

Chueca first beat Pelayo Fernandez 2-0 (21-4; 21-5). Then, the Peruvian defeated Joel Diaz 2-0 (21-13; 21-14). In the semi-finals, he beat Hades Casas 2-0 (21-14; 21-19). Finally, he left Abel Busto behind 2-0 (24-22; 21-12). 

Likewise, the remaining two gold medals were given in men's and women's doubles, which were played in a format of all against all. The duos of Alejandro Chueca-Fabrizio Tabini and Talli Chomchey-Erika Volosova were successful and victorious in their three matches, thus obtaining the first place in the competition. 

Finally, the only bronze was won thanks to Erika Volosova. The outstanding national player made it to the semi-finals and took her place on the podium. Volosova eliminated the local Ainhoa Viña 2-0 (21-4; 21-4). Unfortunately, she lost to Lucia Barrio 2-0 (21-9; 21-6).


Published: 1/6/2020
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